1。 Matera, Italy

(CNN) — It’s official. Melbourne is on top of the world — again.


CNN电 这是官方的。墨尔本再一次位居榜首。

Matera, in southern Italy, is a Unesco worldheritagesite and holds a
number of open-air celebrations。

The Australian city has topped the Economist Intelligence Unit’s ranking
of the most livable cities in the world for the seventh year in a row.



Lonely Planet says: “Explore the town’slabyrinthof narrow alleys, and
look out for the ‘live nativity scene’ spread over 5km featuring 150
costumed performers。”

Melbourne received a score of 97.5 out of 100 on the annual list, which
assesses stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education and
infrastructure in 140 different cities.



2。 New Orleans, USA

Austrian capital Vienna came in second place, with a score of 97.4, and
Canada’s Vancouver received a rating of 97.3, with both cities retaining
their places from 2016.



Famous for its Mardi Gras and Jazz Festival, the Louisiana city has a
reputation for knowing how to party – so it‘s a good bet for New Year

While very little has changed at the top end of the list in the past 12
months, there have been some major changes further down.



Lonely Planet says: “Head over to Jackson Square to ring in 2017。 The
annual party there includes live music and agreatview of the midnight
fleur-de-lis drop to usher in the New Year。”

Iceland’s Reykjavik moved up 13 places from 50 to 37 with a score of
89.9. This significant jump is thought to stem from a rise in tourism as
well as redevelopment. Amsterdam, which has seen a decline in crime
rates in recent years, has also progressed, shifting up to 18th spot
with a score of 94.0.



3。 Melbourne, Australia

It’s a slightly bleaker picture for Manchester and Stockholm, whose
rankings have fallen as a result of high-profile terrorist attacks.
Manchester dropped from 43 to 51 on the list, while Stockholm is down to
26, with an overall score of 92.1.



When it is winter in the UK, heading Down Under is always
tempting。。。 and Melbourne, Australia‘s second-biggest city, could
be the answer。

Most livable cities 2017:



Lonely Planet says: “If Sydney is the golden child for New Year‘s Eve
in Australia, then Melbourne is the spunky sibling。 Hole up at one of
the city’s renowned rooftop bars for a balmytippleand front-row seats
for the fireworks。”

  1. Melbourne, Australia



4。 Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

  1. Vienna, Austria



Lonely Planet says: “Partying in Europe at this time of year usually
involves several layers of thermal underwear, but temperatures in the
Gran Canarian capital of Las Palmas are a balmy average of 19°C。”

  1. Vancouver, Canada



“And while elsewhere the island is dominated by big resorts, this is a
proper Spanish city mostly frequented by locals – particularly on New
Year’s Eve, when clubs and bars fill up with Canarios。”

  1. Toronto, Canada



5。 Nassau, the Bahamas

  1. (tie) Calgary, Canada



Lonely Planet says: “Nearly every town in the Caribbean throws a New
Year’s bash, but Nassau does so with a particular flair。”

  1. (tie) Adelaide, Australia



“Junkanoo is the Bahamas’ biggest, flashiest street carnival, and
while it takes place multiple times a year, the largest celebrations
happen on Boxing Day and New Year’s Day。”

  1. Perth, Australia



6。 Hangzhou, China

  1. Auckland, New Zealand



If you want a New Year that isn‘t a New Year, try China。 The Chinese
wait until their Spring Festival – otherwise known as Chinese New Year –
later in January for their celebrations。

  1. Helsinki, Finland



Lonely Planet says: “Visit theidylliccity of Hangzhou for a peaceful
way to see in 2017。 Follow the footpath alongside West Lake in the
morning to see the mist covering the water, then climb the hill to
visit Yongfu Temple。”

  1. Hamburg, Germany



7。 Sydney, Australia


Think about enjoying the celebrations at Sydney Harbour live – where it
is not just about the fireworks。


Lonely Planet says: “In the run-up to the big fireworks display,
vessels of all shapes and sizes decked out in dazzling white rope-light
to the sound of live music。”



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