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Fashion has an import place in politics, especially when it comes to
female political figures。 Does this dress exude confidence? Does that
red color make her look aggressive? What do pantsuits say?

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First ladies of the United States have not only had a major influence on
the course of the country throughout the years, but have also stood at
the forefront of fashion。 Here, we take a look at how these women
embraced the role clothes can play in establishing substance。

Good clothing choices help sell an image。 And in return, political
figures can also influence the way we dress and help domestic brand and
designers grow。



Michelle Obama

Let‘s have a quick review of last year’s strongest fashion influencers
in the political world。



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1.Theresa May

Not since Jackie Kennedy has the US had such a fashionable leading
lady。 Michelle Obama’s timeless style appealed to all generations while
her affinity with high-low fashion choices made her feel just like ‘one
of us’。 From everyday off-the-rack clothes to costume creations from
some seriously heavy hitting designers like Jason Wu and Tom Ford,
Michelle had a winning fashion formula。 She has taken some risks during
her time as First Lady but never lost sight of her polished look,
especially that trademark sleeveless fare。



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Laura Bush

Since the UK‘s new Prime Minister Theresa May took the position in
July, much attention has been paid to her style, from her famous
leopard print shoes to the infamous brown leather trousers she wore



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May is not afraid to wear leather at 60。 Despite the debate, she
sparked a surge in sales of the pants, according to The Telegraph。

Having admitted that it was hard for her to be in the eye of the fashion
critics, Laura Bush was never one to keep up with the trends, instead
opting for a style categorised by harmless elegance rather than cutting
edge fashion。 For her first Inaugural Ball she wore a dress designed by
a local designer from her homestate of Texas。 Laura was the ultimate in
classic, conservative style albeit with a punch of patriotic pride。



2.Hillary Clinton in her signature pantsuits

威尼斯游戏手机版,Hillary Clinton



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3.Michelle Obama

Hilary has been dressing for the White House for decades now and in the
process has seemingly carved herself a distinctive look; one which used
to be defined by pastel two pieces and a no-nonsense bob with wispy
bangs。 Since then though her style has shifted and been repackaged with
the help of Obama’s former aide Kristina Schake。 Ultimately, her
sartorial choices can be summarised in a single word – pantsuits。



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Nancy Reagan

Michelle Obama has been a strong player in promoting American high
street brands and young designers。



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The gown she wore at the inauguration eight years ago helped the
designer Jason Wu, then 26, start a fashion empire。 American brands
Naeem Khan, Christian Siriano and J.Crew have all benefited from the
effect of the FLOTUS。

Former movie Star Nancy brought her fierce red carpet style to the White
House as she ushered in a new era of Hollywood glamour。 She regularly
opted for striking ‘Reagan Red’ and gold lamé over stale neutrals to
really express her patriotism。

Khan,Christian Siriano和J.Crew也都从第一夫人那里获了益。


4.The Duchess of Cambridge

Jackie Kennedy



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Britain‘s Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, has a similar impact to
Michelle Obama, and her go-to country labels include Alexander
McQueen, Monica Vinader, L.K。 Bennett and Temperley London。

It might have been more than 20 years since her passing but Jackie
Kennedy is still a fashion role model for women all over the world。
Best known for her ladylike pillbox hats and skirt suits, she chose
pale colours that would look good in black-and-white and wasn’t afraid
to take risks in preppy cropped pants。



5.The next FLOTUS, Melania Trump

Betty Ford



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Since her husband won the election last month, Melania Trump has got
the country‘s designers divided in whether they should be delighted to
dress the next FLOTUS。 After all, some of them had officially endorsed
Hillary Clinton。

She might not have been particularly trendsetting but Betty certainly
had style and a knack for fashion。 With her signature 70s-style bob,
silk scarves, cat-eye specs and high-neck Chinese-style collars, this
First Lady oozed individual style in the best way possible。



Nevertheless, some argued that people shouldn‘t become too political
about fashion。 So we will wait and see Melania Trump’s real-life impact
on the world‘s fashion。



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